Social Sciences

  1. Anthropology

    Materials on general anthropology, archaeology, social anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological linguistics.

  2. Communication and Media Studies

    Print, digital, video, and other materials supporting the study of communication and media.

  3. Economics

    Materials on economic history, banking, credit, development, econometrics, investment, applied economics, game theory, and labor.

  4. Education

    Scholarly journals, monographs, and teacher preparation materials that support teaching and research.

  5. Information Science

    Print, digital, video, and other materials supporting the study of information science.

  6. Law and Legal Studies

    Supports the study of law as it relates to society.

  7. LGBTQ Studies

    Materials to support the study of sexuality from a variety of disciplines and methodologies.

  8. Linguistics

    Our linguistics collection spans disciplines and the globe, including resources in every language.

  9. Multicultural Studies

    Contains materials related to African American, Latinx, Native American, Arab and Muslim American, and Asian/Pacific Islander American studies.

  10. Political Science

    Covers the theory and structures of government and the analysis of political activity.

  11. Public Policy

    Resources covering domestic and foreign public policy and public affairs.

  12. Psychology

    Materials related to the study of psychology, including theories, histories, methodologies, and research.

  13. Social Work

    A multi-format collection supporting the research of privilege, oppression, diversity, and social justice.

  14. Sociology

    Interdisciplinary collection of sociology materials.

  15. Urban Planning

    Materials on the history of urban planning and design as well as transportation, urbanism, sustainability, land use, and more.

  16. Women’s and Gender Studies

    Materials that support the study of gender from a variety of disciplines and methodologies.

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