Creative Spaces and Learning Technologies

Who we are

What we do

Creative Spaces and Learning Technologies (CSLT) is a community of library experts and learning spaces dedicated to facilitating creative, playful exploration and use of tools and technologies. 

Our three spaces — the Computer and Video Game Archive, ScholarSpace, and the Shapiro Design Lab — strive to foster environments for discovery and bringing ideas to life.

We provide consultations for projects and classes, as well as teach drop-in workshops. Things we can help with include:  

  • Putting the finishing touches on a dissertation
  • Exploring classic video games
  • Designing and 3D printing an original creation
  • Trying your hand at typesetting and letterpress
  • Designing a poster
  • Mending your clothes or creating a cosplay outfit
  • Creating a website or online survey
  • Recording a podcast or video
  • Learning about adaptive and accessible gaming

Our staff are available via email to talk about your ideas, or you can schedule a consultation directly through each space.