Who we are

What we do

We coordinate with partners throughout the library and the University to support equitable access to library resources and services. Our goal is to continually improve accessibility for all library users including those with disabilities or facing barriers to access.

In support of library accessibility, we maintain services, improve processes, incorporate accessible practices, learn from user communities, and advocate for change. Staff are available for consultation and support for teaching, research, and projects. 

Most of our work is in collaboration with colleagues across all library divisions and departments. Some examples of accessibility services include:

  • Providing accessible copies of publications for library patrons with print disabilities
  • Improving the accessibility of library digital content, collections, and publications — either before they are made public or in response to a user request to modify digital content for accessibility — through the Accessibility Remediation Program
  • Consulting on accessibility questions and performing accessibility evaluations of technology tools or online resources by the Digital Accessibility Team