Recent Awards Winners

Here are the 2022-2023 Undergraduate Research Awards winners! To see the work of winners from years past, please see our collection in Deep Blue

Outstanding First-Year Research Project

Sophie Grossman
Individuality of World War II Soldiers

Creative Project Award

Caitlin Hoyng
Night Sweats as Pillow Talk: Community Care for Sex Workers, Queer People, and Noncitizens in 1980s-1990s Berlin, AIDS, and a Little Bit of Context. A Multimodal and Oral History

Global Project Award

First Place: Fatimah Almutawa
Arabic Inscriptions in Christian Palaces in Seville, Spain

Second Place: Jack Morin
Korean Diction

Maize Award (single-term projects)

First Place (tie): Yuqing Wang
The Impact of American-built Railroads in the Philippines during the Colonial Period of the 1900s

First Place (tie:) Sophia Janevic
“Invading” the Kremlin: The 1961 University of Michigan Symphony Band Tour and American Cultural Imperialism

Second Place: Cindy Sang
Asian Traditional Arts at U-M: the History of the UMS Asian Series (1971–1979)

Blue Award (multi-term projects)

First Place: Mitchell Davidson
Evolution of the Start-up Founder: Shifts in Delegation

Second Place: Garrett Ashlock
Seeing the Super-Heavenly Place: A Case for Plato as a Mystical Theologian

The Undergraduate Research Awards are named for and funded by former U-M Librarian Pamela J. MacKintosh.