Digital Preservation Policy

Authored by the Digital Repository Services Steering Committee (DRSSC) of the U-M Library, this digital preservation policy covers content locally hosted in the digital repository services we manage: Dark Blue, Deep Blue, Digital Collections, and Fulcrum. In the interest of transparency and trustworthiness, the policy summarizes the decisions and commitments we've made and anticipates the decisions we will have to make in the future.

Durability is among our core values, and the foundation of that durability lies in our commitment to the preservation of the content we provide access to. Our goal is to make access through our digital repository services synonymous with adding it to the durable record of scholarship; there is no preservation without access, and there is no access without preservation.

This policy expresses that commitment by answering the questions: “What can a future researcher or scholar expect to encounter in one of U-M Library’s digital repository services? How do we faithfully represent today’s content in the future?”

U-M Library Digital Repository Services Digital Preservation Policy (PDF)