Hatcher Bookable Carrel Guidelines

People with weekly donor or semester-long carrel reservations are given keys and should be aware of maintenance guidelines for keeping materials in their carrel.


Check out carrel keys for semester and weekly reservations at the Hatcher North information services desk. You must return carrel keys at the end of your reservation. There is a $15 fee in the case of lost keys.


Quiet and considerate behavior is expected. The carrels are not soundproof and cannot be used for virtual meetings without headphones or if you will need to speak.

Please take personal items, food, and valuables — backpacks, laptops, cell phones, money — with you when you leave your carrel.

Maintenance and security

All carrels are checked on a regular basis by staff. Any library books kept in your carrel should be checked out on your account.

If you use a carrel, you can report security or maintenance problems to the Hatcher North information services desk.