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Navigating the Music Library

We work to make our facilities accessible to everyone.

If you have questions or would like to request support, please get in touch with us at 734-764-2512 or


The library is located inside the Earl V. Moore Building on North Campus.

For an accessible path to the Music Library

  • Use the Brehm Pavilion entrance, located just off the parking lot. It has automatic doors and is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Turn left after entering the Brehm Pavilion. You will be heading north, toward an older wing of the building.
  • You'll pass through a set of automatic doors. At the end of a long hallway is an elevator on your right. Take this elevator to floor 2.
  • On floor 2, exit the elevator and turn right. You will travel down a short hallway. Just after you pass a T-style hallway intersection on your right you’ll find a second elevator. Take this elevator to floor 3.
  • On floor 3, exit the elevator, turn right, and follow the corridor along to the Music Library entrance. 

For a path from the bus stop near Pierpont Commons, which involves stairs

  • From Pierpoint Commons, cross Murfin Avenue and follow the paved path past the pond and the School of Music fountain.
  • Enter the building on your left. Go up the stairs, and when you exit the stairwell on the third floor you can find the doors to the Music Library.

For a path from the front of the building, which involves stairs

Enter near the Heads sculpture at 1100 Baits Drive and take the stairs to the third floor.


Accessible restrooms are located on floor 1 of the Earl V. Moore building. 

Floor plans

Music Library floor plans for floors 3, 4, and 5 of the Earl V. Moore building.

Note the primary access to floors 4 and 5 of the library area involves stairs and the elevator requires a library staff member for operation. Visit the information services desk for help.


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