Buhr Building

Space and services in the Buhr Building are dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and storage of library materials. It’s also home to Michigan Publishing.


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837 Greene St

Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3209

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Buhr Building

  • Closed to the public

  • Materials can be requested for delivery to other campus locations

Getting here

Find transit and parking information.

Learn how to navigate the Buhr Building by viewing its floor plan, physical accessibility information, and more.

Buhr entrances

When visiting Buhr, note the building has 3 different entrances and addresses. 

  • The main entrance for accessing public spaces inside Buhr is off the parking lot at 837 Greene Street, from the door located in the center of the building.
  • HathiTrust offices are off the north end of the parking lot, or on your left if you're facing the center of the building.
  • Michigan Publishing offices are in the southern entrance, at 839 Greene Street.

Inside Buhr

  1. Buhr Reading Room and Information Services Desk

    Pick up and return items, get quiet work done, use guest computers and microfilm scanners, and more.

  2. Conservation Lab

    Offering lectures, workshops, class visits, and more by appointment.

  3. Digital Preservation Lab

    Get advice and practical strategies on preserving your born-digital content.