Biology and Natural History

We collect materials in the biological sciences at all levels of inquiry, from molecular biology to ecology to collections in botany and natural history, aiming for comprehensive coverage from around the world.

We mainly collect materials in English. Materials in other languages are collected primarily in natural history, where publications in local languages often provide the most comprehensive coverage of regional flora and fauna. 

We support the research and teaching activities of the departments of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, as well as the research conducted in the natural sciences at the Research Museums Center

Important related collections

Some rare non-circulating book material in natural history, especially botany, are available to researchers at the Museums Library. Additional biology and natural history special collections are housed in the Special Collections Research Center.

History of the collection

Biology and natural history were foundational to the library’s collection. The first book purchased by the library was John Jay Audubon’s The Birds of America bought by eminent botanist Asa Gray.


Scott A Martin

Biological Sciences Librarian