Data Visualization

No matter your discipline, good visual design can help you more clearly communicate your findings to a larger audience, make comparisons, and show trends, gaps, and outliers in information.

From maps and charts to immersive 3-D environments, we’ll help you transform your data into a visual representation that’s purposeful, relevant, accurate, and meaningful. 

We offer:

  • Open workshops
  • In-course instruction
  • Individual consultations
  • Advanced hardware and software
  • Help finding data sets and choosing a type of visualization

Connect with a specialist

We’re happy to talk about your data visualization needs and connect you to resources and technology in the library and across campus. 

Get in touch with us at

Explore our workshops and tutorials

  • We host a variety of open workshops throughout the year on data visualization tools, best practices, and more. Please note that there may be few to no workshops held during the summer term.
  • Our blog, Clark Labs, offers tutorials and support for data visualization work. 
Check out other visualization resources offered across campus.

Access workspaces

There are several collaborative data visualization workspaces  in or near the library that are available by reservation.

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