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Discover the library services, spaces, expertise, and more that reflect your specific needs.

  1. Information for Undergraduate Students

    Find and use materials, get help with your papers and projects from specialists, and scout the perfect place to study.

  2. Information for Transfer Students

    Explore introductory materials, find out how to get involved, and who to contact for help as you learn about our dynamic space on campus.

  3. Information for Graduate Students

    Learn how to access to materials and get help from specialists, as well as find support for your coursework, research projects, and instruction.

  4. Information for Faculty and Researchers

    Find support for all phases of your research, from access to materials to help finding funding, managing your data, and sharing and preserving your work.

  5. Information for Instructors

    Discover how we can support your course teaching, from providing access to materials, to help designing assignments, integrating library instruction, and more.

  6. Information for University Staff

    Essentials to help you find and use materials, take advantage of library support for research and projects, plan a visit, or get in touch with a specialist.

  7. Information for International Students and Researchers

    Whether you're a student getting adjusted, a researcher looking for help, or you're conducting research in non-English languages, we have renowned collections and friendly specialists to assist you.

  8. Information for Clinical Providers

    Support for providers from Michigan Medicine, as well as other clinical centers and departments. Includes extensive access to resources and materials, consultation for expert searches with specialists, and much more.

  9. Information for Guests, Alumni, and Retired Faculty

    Options for borrowing materials and getting help from specialists, as well support for planning a visit to any of our buildings.