Digitization for HathiTrust

Materials in the public domain from the U-M Library collections may be added to the HathiTrust Digital Library by request. 

By placing a request, you're asking us to digitize the book so you and others can access it online. Plus, we'll preserve the digital files to ensure their availability for the future.

Requests are sent through our review process. Once approved, the items are added to our queue for digitization. The full process may take 6 months or longer

We will send you a link to the items once they are in HathiTrust.

How to place a request

Fill out our request for digitization form with your contact information and either a link to the item in Library Search, or as much information about it as possible (for example: title, author, publication year, and edition). 

Please limit your requests to no more than 4 items per month.

Our review process

All requests will be reviewed by staff and librarians with relevant expertise to determine what, if any, limitations exist. This may include: 

  • Amount of material requested
  • Physical size or condition of the items
  • Rarity of the items
  • Copyright status
  • Existing online availability of the items
  • Amount of work already in our queue 

Detailed digitization specifications are available upon request.

Questions? Contact Lara Unger at ldunger@umich.edu.

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