Undergraduate Collections

Our undergraduate collections are focused on materials for the course-related research and curricular needs of first- and second-year undergraduates. It features primarily introductory and current materials selected for anticipated use within five years. A range of disciplines, topics, and perspectives are represented, with an emphasis on subjects that might be of interest to students or are currently in the news or commonly addressed in undergraduate writing assignments.

The focus of the collection may shift in response to the changing interests of scholars and students, the addition of new programs or departments, or subsequent changes in the curriculum. Primary emphasis is given to subjects taught at the undergraduate level in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and the Schools of Education and Information.

Materials are also available for upper-level undergraduates and more advanced researchers in need of overview or introductory materials on subjects outside their areas of expertise. Additionally, the collection supports leisure reading in English for the campus community. The collection materials are in English, with the exception of language-learning content such as dictionaries.

Undergraduate Collections are on the basement and second floors of Shapiro Library. Recent print materials for research in political science, public policy, and law are also found with these collections in the basement.

Browsing Collection 

Current and bestselling fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and travel guides.

College and Career Success Collection

Books on college-level study and research skills, studying abroad, applying to graduate school, and preparing for internships and the post-college job search.

Current Magazine Collection

Current popular magazines on culture, news, and entertainment from around the world. Listed as Periodical Shelves in Library Catalog Search

Shapiro Design Lab Collection

Books for in-person Design Lab visitors on topics such as printing history, graphic design, maps, public infrastructure, and creativity.


Autumn Nicole Wetli

Undergraduate Collections Librarian


David S Carter

Video Game Archivist, Comics Librarian, Reference Services Co-coordinator



Jennifer L Nason

Linguistics and Economics Librarian; Collection Coordinator, Social Sciences and Undergraduate Library