Science Fiction

Our collection of science fiction held by the Special Collections Research Center consists of about 2,900 20th century periodicals and paperback novels.

The focus is on mid-century publications, including titles such as Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, Robert A. Heinlein’s Red Planet, and Andre Norton’s Sorceress of the Witch World. 

It also includes a complete run of the German science fiction magazine Terra, which ran from 1957-1968. 

History of the collection

Although some material was collected previously (and a few additions made since), the bulk of this collection was donated by Diane A. and Denis A. Lebedeff, twins and U-M alumni who collected science fiction together from the 1950s through 1986. 

Materials in the collection

Title text "TERRA UTOPICHE ROMAN Science Fiction" and a fiery explosion and burning city and man facing it.

Cover of Terra no. 1 (1957).


Photograph of Juli McLoone, a white woman with red hair, dark blonde at the roots, and blue eyes, wearing purple.
Juli McLoone