Strategic Directions and Objectives

Strategic directions

Over the next five to seven years, we will:

  • Explore new ways to support the whole lifecycle of scholarship.
  • Continuously evolve and reimagine user-centered services.
  • Continuously improve our physical and digital spaces.
  • Affirm our commitment to and rethink our definition of collections.
  • Cultivate a positive workplace climate and a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Practice intentional and strategic planning.

Strategic objectives

In support of our strategic directions, over the next few years we will: 

  • Use coordinated, cross-Library data gathering and analysis to support high-quality service provision and a positive workplace climate; when planning assessment and analytics projects, collecting and reporting on data, and acting on findings we will be guided by the Library’s strategic directions and our commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Advance our digital scholarship service through strategic cross-divisional collaboration to develop infrastructure, policies, and best practices that work towards just, equitable, and inclusive outcomes.
  • Take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in strengthening the library's commitment to advancing open research and scholarship, focusing on the research & scholarly communication life cycle, a diverse range of research outputs, and inclusive attention to disciplinary cultures and conventions.
  • Advance our instruction programs, resources, infrastructure, teams, and modes in response to campus directions and ongoing assessment with attention to diverse pedagogical needs and equitable learning opportunities.
  • Develop, cultivate, and support new publishing models with a particular emphasis on monograph publishing and open infrastructure.
  • Enhance our collection services through increased coordination with the Big Ten libraries, continued exploration of new agreements with publishers, greater investment in fulfillment services, and attention to social justice.
  • Investigate, articulate, and implement a strategy for library discovery that keeps user needs at the center; acknowledges the scope of our collections and partnerships; and enables progress toward continuing excellence and sustainability in the dynamic discovery landscape.
  • Make more visible what we offer in order to elevate campus awareness of our services, spaces, and collections.
  • Invest in individual growth, excellence in leadership and organizational development toward positive impact on organizational culture and climate.
  • Prepare for and transition to a new Library Services Platform (LSP), Alma.
  • Build a print preservation repository.
  • Articulate and implement digital preservation and access strategies that serve to harmonize our services, technologies, policies, and commitments to long term preservation of the scholarly and cultural record.
  • Support our commitment to accessibility by investing in strategic partnerships and opportunities that advance library accessibility and lead the university toward equitable access.

Last updated: February 8, 2021