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Planning a course? We’ll work with you to develop customized instruction tailored to your topic area or objectives.  

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Choosing an instruction topic only serves as the first part of your conversation with library staff. Together, we’ll design a session that's right for your students.

Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of your preferred dates so we can ensure library instructor availability and prepare materials.

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What we teach

Through interactive activities, directed research or lab time, and other techniques, we teach a wide range of sessions. 

Our library instructors cover topics such as:

  • Finding, using, critically evaluating, and citing sources
  • Accessing and using special library collections 
  • Creating posters, presentations, websites, data visualizations, zines, and more
  • Using graphics, audiovisual, and citation management tools

See a full list of tools and topics we teach. Instruction can take place in a single session or over multiple meetings.

Whether you’d like to schedule an in-person, hybrid, or online session for your students, get help designing an assignment or a course, or more, we’re here to help you meet your goals.  

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