Support Levels

Your first step to getting digital scholarship support for your project is to request a basic consultation. 

In our first conversation, we'll decide together if there’s a need for continued consultation based on the levels of service below.

Basic consultation

We’ll help you choose an appropriate tool or platform for your project; offer introductory tutorials on using specific tools or engaging with specific processes (such as data mining or mapping); and more. Most people find a basic consultation is all they need.

Contact us at to make an appointment.

Extended consultation

We’ll work with you over multiple consultations. This might include bringing in other library services, such as consultations around metadata, data workflow, project management, preservation workflows, or other considerations. 

Basic consultation required.


Depending on project needs, additional financial resources may be needed. 

This level of support is tailored to faculty research projects, and requires a formal agreement with library staff. It includes multiple points of engagement that may include classroom visits, meetings with project teams, and more.

Basic consultation required.

Engaged partnerships 

Depending on project needs, additional financial resources may be needed.

This level of commitment is extremely selective, and requires a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) from the library. It may involve library staff serving as principal investigators, long-term technical support providers, and other roles that are written into grant applications. As these partnerships involve multiple levels of approval at the library, they may take considerable time to arrange.

Basic consultation required.

Talk with us early and often. You must have a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) between us before you can name the library or any library staff member in any grant application. We can work with you to develop or acquire the required documentation.