Understanding Digital Scholarship

If your teaching, research, or course project relies on the use of digital methods or tools, it's considered digital scholarship.

For example, perhaps you want to make a searchable digital map, analyze a dataset of tweets, or design a website for your research project. 

Our guide to digital scholarship includes more examples and resources.

Supported project types and tools

At the library, we assess and make recommendations for project work that involves, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • digital and web publishing
  • born-digital preservation consultation
  • digitization services
  • online exhibits
  • audiovisual editing, design, and production
  • digital collections and providing digital access to physical or restricted content
  • copyright services
  • curricular and instructional design (see also how to request instruction)
  • data-related services
  • digital repository services
  • project management

While we’re eager to support your projects, we can’t provide custom web hosting or web archiving or the development of any projects, tools, and databases from scratch.

We’re also currently unable to support the digitization, storage, and preservation of audio moving images, though we’re happy to offer suggestions of where to find such help.

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