How We Support Digital Scholarship

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned digital scholar, we can connect you with expertise and resources that can help you plan, present, and preserve your digital projects.

Our digital scholarship support is available to all students, faculty, and staff, at any level, and includes:

  • Consultation on research or teaching projects that involve digital scholarship
  • Programs and workshops where we teach digital scholarship pedagogy and tools, including a digital scholarship certificate program for graduate students
  • Collaborations in cases where we commit existing resources — including library staff time — to the development or stewardship of a digital project
  • Partnerships where we make a serious investment of our resources, and may seek more through grant funding or other means 
Our digital scholarship framework and policy clarifies the type and extent to which we can provide support. For all engagements, this support is guided by principles rooted in the library's overall mission.

How to get started 

Not sure if your work is considered “digital scholarship?” Explore examples to understand digital scholarship.

Looking for our community events and offerings? View our workshops, office hours, and other ways to connect with us.

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