Research and Scholarship

Whether it's your research, coursework, instruction, or all three, you've got work to do — and we're here to help make it better.

  1. Help with Research

    Get support for all stages of your research — from the planning stage to funding strategies, help with formatting and citations, and sharing and preserving your work.

  2. Instruction and Course Support

    Teaching a course? We can help you find and share resources, design assignments, and lead instruction sessions in line with your course goals.

  3. Create and Design

    Whether you’re starting a podcast, creating a research poster, or making a website, we’ll help you think through your project — with access to tools that’ll help you organize, design, and present your work.

  4. Digital Scholarship

    Get resources and support to help you plan, produce, and preserve your digital scholarship.

  5. Data Services

    Discover resources and support to access, organize, visualize, and preserve research data.

  6. Copyright Services

    Get answers on copyright and fair use through our consultations, workshops and presentations, online resources, and more.

  7. Awards and Grants

    We offer several funding opportunities to expand and enhance the scholarly work of students, faculty, and other researchers from across the university and beyond.

  8. Library Workshops and Credit Courses

    Take a library course for credit, attend a workshop, and get specialized training.