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The archive is closed while we complete our move to the Shapiro Library and access to the collection is limited. We’ll attempt to meet research or curricular requests for materials over the summer. Contact us with questions or requests at

Our archive supports research and teaching in the fields of game studies, game design, and related scholarship. 

This includes wide-ranging academic work in fields such as computer science, music, art, architecture, and humanities.

Examples of scholarly work 

Students and faculty have used our archive to enhance research in a wide range of disciplines. This has included topics in:

  • Architecture. Comparing physical spaces versus digital spaces through games.
  • English. Exploring violence in the media and apocalypses in games.
  • Culture and society. Exploring how various cultures and groups are portrayed in popular media, including video games. For example, portrayals of Japanese culture, samurai, mafia culture, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and more.
  • Game design. Using our game collection to find examples of scenes and mechanics that developers might employ in their own games.  
  • Language and area studies. Teaching and practicing verbal communication skills in a target language, and learning about informal language and popular culture in an area of study.
  • Music. Exploring video game music to see how it affects the mood of a particular scene and aids in the narrative of the game.
  • School of Information. Evaluating the collection to inform projects around creating a collection development policy, a needs assessment, and more. 


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