New guide offers resources on abortion policy and research

July 18, 2022

A new and timely research guide will help researchers, students, and anyone seeking reliable information about abortion policy and research. 

Produced by a team of librarians and health sciences informationists, the guide to Abortion Policy and Research serves people looking for information on sexual and reproductive health, women’s and gender studies, and state and national health services. It provides links — some open to all, some available only to U-M users — to reliable news outlets, public policy and polling data, case law, and ways to track legislation. 

"Empowering positive change by collecting and disseminating accurate information is at the core of our work," said Dean of Libraries Donna Hayward. "During challenging times, this work becomes even more important."

The development of the research guide was spurred by the university's task force on abortion access, which was created in anticipation of the Supreme Court's overturning Roe v. Wade to determine how an abortion ban would affect clinical care, educational instruction, student health, and more. Among the task force participants are several of the library's health sciences informationists.


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