April is Arab American Heritage Month

April 3, 2024

“Arab American” encompasses people with ancestry from a wide range of Arabic-speaking countries and regions in the Middle East and parts of northern Africa. Southeast Michigan is home to the largest concentration of Arabs in the country. 

As Governor Whitmer said in her 2022 Proclamation, "Arab Americans have been an integral part of the State of Michigan since their migration to the United States around 1880."

Visit our guide to Arab American Studies to find relevant resources, such as books about Arab Americans in Michigan, subject terms for finding books on Arab Americans, key databases, news sources, and websites.

Among the highlights:

The online exhibit Tracing Iraqi Artists: From Shadow to Light, curated by U-M students Zainab Hakim and Serena Safawi, focuses on contemporary visual art as it reflects Iraqi struggle and resistance both at home and in diaspora.

Find Arab Heritage Month event listings.

Have a question about Arab American resources? A library specialist can help.

The Looting of the Museum of Art by Hanaa Malallah, painted collage on cut and burned wood, 2003.


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