Clark Commons Project

Last updated: September 8, 2022

A renewal of the third floor of the Shapiro Library is underway. The space — 37,500 square feet — will be named the Stephen S. Clark Commons, and we expect to welcome you there in 2023.

See construction updates for the latest.

What you can look forward to

Expect big changes. The Clark Commons will feature open sight lines, enhanced natural lighting, and zoned spaces equipped with whiteboards, mounted screens, and computer stations. 

The furnishings will be flexible and adaptable to accommodate a range of work styles and methodologies — consultative, collaborative, groups large and small, and independent. 

The Clark Commons will reside on the Shapiro side of the bridge to the Stephen S. Clark Library on the second floor of Hatcher. 

What it will offer

When the Clark Commons opens, you'll find:

  • More than 200 added library seats, some in open space (collaborative and lively) and some in closed space (focused and quiet) 
  • A digital scholarship pilot hub whose services will include research data, metadata, visualization, research impact, copyright, and open access and publishing
  • Dedicated space for student-driven programming and exhibits
  • A more connected Hatcher-Shapiro complex, and a prototype for future renovation and renewal

What it will lead to

The Clark Commons will serve as proof-of-concept for our long-term plans to create a library that:

  • Houses a thoughtfully selected onsite collection, and provides ready access to the rest via excellent digital and physical delivery methods
  • Offers an inviting and inspiring place where students and researchers can easily find the materials, tools, and expertise that will help them thrive

Relocation of people and materials

The materials moved from the third floor of Shapiro — mostly back issues of science journals — are readily available online. Most of the print copies have moved to the Shapiro basement, though some moved to a remote location and can be delivered upon request.

You can browse current issues of science journals in Serials and Microforms Services on the second floor of Hatcher North.

Some of our people have been relocated, including several liaisons to academic departments. You can find contact information for your specialist on our website, or search our staff directory by name or department.

Questions? Send an email to