Study Spaces By Building

Each of our buildings offer unique study environments. No matter where you are on the Ann Arbor campus, there’s a library space nearby.  

Hatcher Library

  1. Reference Reading Room

    Historic space in Hatcher North that's well-known for quiet study.

  2. Asia Library Reading Room

    A mixture of seating and the Oka Tadoku Room make up this cozy, light-filled space.

  3. International Studies Reading Room

    A small, tucked away reading room near the Hatcher North lobby.

  4. Hatcher North Stacks Study Tables

    Claim an out-of-the-way spot in the book stacks.

  5. Hatcher Floor 2 Spaces

    A historic space outside the Reading Room with wooden tables and reading lamps, along with some adjacent study areas.

  6. Hatcher South Carrels

    Semi-enclosed spaces for one with a desk and window. Floors 3-5 are a Focus Zone.

  7. Clark Library Seating Area

    Grab a seat on the couches or an armchair located near the exhibit cases in the Clark Library.

  8. Hatcher Floor 6 Spaces

    A lounge-like study area with views of the Law Quad and Michigan Stadium.

  9. Hatcher Bookable Carrels

    Enclosed booths with a desk, chair, and a view, available through a range of reservation options.

Shapiro Libary

  1. Shapiro Bookable Study Rooms

    These rooms on the second and third floors have adjustable tables, rolling chairs, and whiteboards.

  2. Shapiro Basement Spaces

    Movable tables and chairs in an open space.

  3. Bert's Study Lounge

    A café-like atmosphere with mixed seating, ideal for group meetings.

  4. Shapiro Floor 1 Spaces

    A large open area with a variety of seating options and tables. This is a Collaborative Zone.

  5. Shapiro Floor 2 Spaces

    More talkative study areas, especially in the evenings.

  6. Clark Commons Collaborative Spaces

    Gather here to collaborate, interact, co-work or focus.

  7. Shapiro Reading Room

    This modern take on a classic library icon invites focused study and work in a silent environment.

  8. Shapiro Floor 4

    This floor of Shapiro is quieter, with windowed nooks and tables among the book stacks.

Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library

  1. Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library Basement Spaces

    An open space with large tables away from distractions.

  2. Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library Floor 2 Spaces

    Natural light brightens this space, which is set up for collaborative work in the front and quieter work in its interior.

  3. Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library Floor 3 Spaces

    Choose from a variety of seating options, including study pods and large tables.

  4. Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library Collaboration Rooms

    Small rooms you can book up to 3 days in advance.

Taubman Health Sciences Library

  1. Taubman Health Sciences Library Study Space

    A mix of seating options, from lounge chairs to adjustable-height desks.

Fine Arts Library

  1. Fine Arts Library Floors 1 and 2

    High ceilings and tables surrounded by books.

  2. Fine Arts Library Carrels

    Reserved for graduate students in history of art.

Music Library

  1. Music Library Floors 3 and 4

    A quiet airy space with tables for groups and individuals.

  2. Music Library Carrels

    Intended for advanced research and writing.