What We Teach

We teach a wide variety of concepts and skills related to all aspects of the scholarly research process.  

Beyond the topics listed here, we are glad to discuss other opportunities based on your interests. We also customize sessions for course assignment topics on request.

Finding and using sources

Our library instructors can teach your students about finding specific kinds of sources, such as: articles, books, data, visual sources, government information, or news sources or articles.

Other concepts we can cover:

  • Using subject-specific databases
  • Searching for a cited reference
  • Reading scholarly articles
  • Improving search strategies or using expert searching
  • Understanding systematic review methodology

Digital tools and topics

We provide instruction on using specific digital tools, as well as broader concepts such as digital scholarship. 

Potential tools and topics:

  • Graphics and audio/video tools (Canva, Photoshop, Adobe Express)
  • How to create better posters, presentations and websites
  • Research data management concepts and skills
  • GIS and other geospatial analysis tools
  • LaTex

Evaluating and citing sources

Our library instructors can help your students learn to evaluate both scholarly and non-scholarly information. 

Concepts we teach include:

  • Source evaluation
  • Scholarly and non-scholarly sources
  • Academic integrity and plagiarism
  • Citation management tools
  • Citation styles

Exploring our collections

To help your students make the most of the libraries on campus, we offer tours of library buildings, services, and collections. 

We can also provide sessions focused on specifics such as maps, engineering materials, special collections, and more.