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Crunchbase, csv bulk download of data about private and public companies — especially venture capital and private equity activities, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings — requested by Frank Li.

30 Day Federal Funds Futures, dataset contains the official record of trade times and prices, plus quantities on electronic trades, requested by Sam Stern.

Mobile Coverage Explorer GIS Data from submissions by mobile network operators who are members of the Global System for Mobile Association, requested by Peter Carroll.


EconodayPlus, csv files of U.S. economic and financial event data, requested by Wenting Song.

PolicyFile, full text searchable database of think tank and policy organization reports, 1-year subscription, requested by Alexander Furnas.

CB Insights, data and news on private companies, investors, emerging markets, and startups, 1-year subscription, requested by Xing Guo and Yishu Zeng.

Annual Survey of Industries data from India for 2012–2015, requested by Tejaswi Velayudhan.


CoreLogic Parcel Level Real Estate Data, requested by Amy Nguyen-Chyung, Arthur Endsley, Sarah Burgard, and Lucie Kalousova.

Survey of Large and Medium Manufacturing Industry (1975–2012), Indonesia Badan Pusat Statistik, requested by Traviss Cassidy, Tejaswi Velayudhan, and Alecia Cassidy.

Landscan 2015, requested by Joseph Ornstein.

Satellite Imagery of Detroit from Digital Globe, available on the ClarkData Geospatial Data Server, requested by Daniel Katz.


Indonesia Village Potential Statistics — Potensi Desa (PODES) for 1990–2003, requested by Jennifer Frentasia.

Indonesia Village Potential Statistics — Potensi Desa (PODES) for 2014, requested by James Erbaugh.

Sysomos MAP, a social media search engine (1-year subscription). Request to access Sysomos MAP. Requested by Josh Pasek.

National Sample Survey (NSS) of India 68th Round 2011–2012, requested by John Mathias.

Legistorm Data Download, data set on Congressional staff salary and demographics, requested by Jesse Croson.

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