Expectations for Project Teams

If your project is accepted to the initiative, you’ll be expected by the end of the grant term to have:

  • created a set of documents detailing your project plan
  • developed an appropriate prototype or proof of concept 
  • produced an output (such as an draft article, white paper, or presentation) that includes acknowledgment of the labor of team members

Although some of these outcomes may not be necessary depending on the nature and circumstances of each project, we generally expect teams to produce these items by the end of their 12-month grant.

What to include in project planning documents

Your project planning documents should include the following:

  • A project charter that outlines roles, responsibilities, and expectations of team members
  • Community agreements that outline responsibilities to community partners
  • Project work plan
  • Data management plan
  • Digital preservation strategy, or an alternative if the project is intentionally ephemeral

Prototype and output

Teams are expected to create a project prototype or proof of concept developed with minimal computing standards.

In addition, teams will create a collectively authored white paper, draft article, poster, presentation, or other documentation, with all project team members (students, staff, librarians, etc.) listed as co-authors or otherwise similarly acknowledged.