Legacy Giving

Estate and planned gifts allow you to leave a lasting legacy at the library. 

See below for some common options, or contact us at for more information. 


A bequest is a transfer of property, such as cash, securities, or tangible property, to an individual or charitable organization by will or living trust. 

For many donors, a bequest offers the opportunity to make a more substantial gift than would be possible during one’s lifetime. 

Other donors view a bequest as an opportunity to put the finishing touches on a lifetime of giving. 

Bequests are a very popular, simple, and impactful way to provide long-term support for library programs.

Charitable gift annuity 

A charitable gift annuity can help you turn assets into a stable, lifetime income stream as you support the university and library’s mission. A gift annuity can be a simple contract, and easy to set up.

Charitable remainder trust 

A charitable remainder trust offers a number of financial planning benefits and a way to make a charitable gift that will provide annual payments to one or more beneficiaries for their lifetimes or for a specific term of years.

Beneficiary designation 

A beneficiary designation is a transfer of property, such as a retirement account, investment account, donor-advised fund, or life insurance proceeds, at death, to beneficiaries. Naming the University of Michigan Library as a beneficiary of an asset is a popular way to leave a lasting impact.

While we can’t offer specific legal or tax advice, we would love to discuss your goals and options. If you’ve already included the library in your estate plans, please contact us so that we can thank you ⁠— and so we can ensure that your intentions are included in our records.