Donate Books and Other Materials

Some of our most important library collections have come to us as gifts.

To donate items to the library, please review our gifts-in-kind policy and then contact us at

Gifts-in-kind policy

We welcome gifts of books and other materials that complement and strengthen our existing collections

Because of the high costs associated with processing and shelving collection material, we cannot accept all offers of gifts-in-kind. With some exceptions, we generally don’t accept the following:

  • textbooks
  • magazines, journals, and other periodicals
  • materials in poor condition
  • duplicates (materials already held)

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the university, and that the library will make all decisions regarding their retention, location, cataloging, use, and disposition. Materials accepted but not added to the collections will be sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of.

Gifts are considered by the appropriate curator or subject specialist. Please provide as much information about the materials to be donated as possible. We are not able to accept gifts-in-kind unless, and until, arrangements have been made with a curator or subject specialist.

Accepted gifts will be acknowledged with a receipt provided by the Regents of the University of Michigan.

Income tax deductions and appraisals

As a “non-cash charitable contribution,” the fair market value of a gift-in-kind may be tax deductible. 

Professional standards, university policy, and IRS regulations prohibit library staff from making monetary appraisals. If you intend to seek an income tax deduction for your gift, we encourage you to consult with your tax preparer or the IRS.

Arrange for your donation

Please contact for item approval and to arrange for the donation of your materials.

More options for donating

In addition to your public library, these organizations may appreciate your donation of books: