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August 14, 2020

U-M Library copyright specialists are offering a series of 50-minute online educational workshops. The library offers a wide range of copyright services, and these workshops cover common topics of interest.

Everyone is welcome — all sessions are free and open to the public. While we have provided a Zoom link for each workshop, please register for each one you plan to attend.

Copyright Essentials

Tuesday, September 15, 3–3:50 p.m.

Register: online with TeachTech or email Yuanxiao Xu at 

Join the workshop:

Have you ever wondered whether you're allowed to use someone else’s work? Or whether you have a copyright in a work that you've created? If you aren't entirely sure how copyright works, this is the workshop for you. The workshop, led by Yuanxiao Xu, covers copyright concepts from the public domain to fair use.

Copyright and Your Dissertation

Wednesday, September 16, 2–2:50 p.m.

Register: online with TeachTech or email Melissa Levine at

Join the workshop:

Explore copyright and dissertations in a workshop facilitated by Melissa Levine, director of the U-M Library Copyright Office. Have you ever wondered about the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism? Do you know when it’s okay to use copyrighted works without permission or how to get permission when you need it? This workshop is primarily designed for students in the Rackham Graduate School, but all are welcome.

Open Access

Tuesday, September 29, 3–3:50 p.m.

Register: online with TeachTech or email Justin Bonfiglio at

Join the workshop:

Join Justin Bonfiglio for a discussion/workshop about Open Access. Open Access is often defined as, "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." No readings are required, but participants are encouraged to read Peter Suber's "Open Access." You can download a free PDF version of Open Access or purchase a print version of Open Access.

Introduction to Creative Commons

Wednesday, October 7, 10–10:50 a.m.

Register: online with TeachTech or email Raven Lanier at

Join the workshop:

What is Creative Commons? How can you use materials published under a Creative Commons license? How do you use a Creative Commons license to protect your own work? We'll cover all that and more at this workshop by Raven Lanier.

Publishing Contracts

Thursday, October 8, 3–3:50 p.m.

Register: online with TeachTech or email Yuanxiao Xu at

Join the workshop:

Come learn about how to negotiate common terms in scholarly publishing agreements in a workshop facilitated by Yuanxiao Xu. This workshop focuses on publishing contracts for journal articles. After a brief discussion of negotiation techniques, some fun negotiation exercises, and an overview of the law in this area, participants will negotiate a mock publishing contract.


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